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Most insurances accepted 

Including but not limited to: 

  • Medicare

  • No Fault

  • Worker's Compensation

  • Commercial Insurances 


203 Long Beach Rd.

Island Park, N.Y. 11558


Lymphedema Therapy

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Orthopedic Supplies 

cpm Knee.jpg

CPM / CTU / Bone Stim

A Pneumatic Compression Pump is a highly efficient and effective home therapy treatment for swelling, discomfort and pain related to Lymphedema, and venous insufficiency with venous stasis ulcers.

Our certified Orthotists have been trained in the treatment of different deformities and biomechanic pathologies. We provide treatment through the use of pre- fabricated braces or customized braces to optimize body biomechanics and to allow for an optimal gait and or function.

Our state of the art orthopedic rehabilitation products are specifically designed to successfully assist patients in making a timely recovery from surgical procedures and post-accident traumas. 

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